[the yogi surfboard]
yoga mat


Who knew your old tires could look so sexy? 

[the yogi surfboard] is an uber-grippy yoga mat, made with 100% natural recycled rubber for the ULTIMATE grip and durability. 

Who needs one? Made with natural rubber, this 3mm board’s got some serious mileage on it. No need to worry about being gentle or wearing it out… just keep your moves rad with this grippy crash pad. Whether you're hitting up a hot vinyasa yoga class, or just doing some crunches at the gym, this board is for you.

Why this mat? Made from mainly renewable resources, the yogi surfboard is super respectful of mother nature and her elements. It is free of PVC, synthetic plastics and ozone-depleting substances.  

*To Clean - spray with [the seducer] and wipe clean after each sweat session.