antibacterial sports spray
sweet freesia
125ml spray


Stinky Equipment? This S&%T Works. 

[the seducer] spray removes 90% of odor caused by bacteria from your yoga mat, pads, sneakers, and any other non-washable items.

What's it For?   although this antibacterial freshening spray is specifically formulated for cleaning your yoga mat, it is also great for eliminating any biological stinks and stains caused by sweat, bodily oils, and bacteria. The No Sweat [seducer] mat spray is the perfect accompaniment to No Sweat’s [secret agent] sport wash. Your yoga mat is not only a landing pad for your moving body, but for all those dripping beads of your hard earned sweat. If not properly cleaned, our mats become a carpet of locked in bacteria, building layer by layer each time we practice. Yuck, right? Well, we have a solution.

What Else?  Unlike most freshening sprays, the [seducer] doesn’t merely mask nasty odors but targets the problem at the root. The [seducer] uses a unique enzyme technology called BioBlast™ to penetrate the surface and dissolve up to 90% of imbedded bacteria left behind on the surface of mats, equipment, and other non-washable items. Accompany with the [secret agent] laundry detergent for washing workout clothes, and your gear will be clean as a whistle!

When should you use it?   Basically- this stuff really works! It eliminates all the dirt and bacteria from your mat, equipment and other non-washable items that sometimes get neglected on laundry day. Bacteria caused by sweat produces unpleasant musty odours, and a grimy, unsanitary surface for your hands to rest on every time you use your mat or equipment! This spray keeps it clean and smelling fresh every time you use it. 

What does it smell like? Citrus Rush carries notes of lime, basil & orange that leaves a subtle, fresh scent.


*Travel Size! Toss it in your carry-on and stay funk free on the go!

What does it smell like? Sweet Freesia is a touch of summer-delicate Freesia mellowed by fruit undertones.

 *Travel Size! Toss it in your carry on and stay funk-free on the go.