sports wash detergent
citrus rush
1L bottle


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No Sweat Sport Wash is not your conventional laundry soap. It was designed to do what we do best—eliminate odor. Our proprietary blend of enzymes and gentle, eco-friendly ingredients get straight to the heart of what makes fabric stink: body oils that when trapped in fabric allow mold and bacteria to grow. No Swat routs out sweat, urine—anything your body creates and leaves behind. 

Natural odors call for a natural solution. Like a magnet, No Sweat’s powerful bio-based enzymes bond to oil and lifting bacteria directly out of fabric fibers and into the wash water. No harsh chemicals, no artificial perfumes. Just pure freshness, down the core. Gentle so your favorite workout clothes keep their shape and color better, longer. So go on—sweat it out. We’re tougher than even your grit.


Purified Water, Anionic Surfactant, Non-Anionic Surfactant, Enzymes, Freshening Chloride, Fragrance