You Gotta Go Here! 5 Amazing and Affordable Yoga Retreats April 29 2016

While any escape from real life can be relaxing and rejuvenating, a yoga retreat simply offers a more fulfilling and nourishing experience than your average vacay. Most retreats are located in breathtaking, scenic locations that you might not find a reason to visit otherwise, and offer a zen atmosphere suitable for personal growth and self-reflection. Retreats also often offer healthy, organic meals leaving you feeling clean and refreshed in both body and mind. Retreats are a wonderful way to meet new, likeminded people, particularly if you are travelling alone or on a journey of personal growth. While these retreats offer a priceless experience, they do, unfortunately often come with a hefty price tag. We’ve sourced out a few little gems that are both affordable, and offer a unique and worthwhile experience. Below are our top 5 yoga retreats, all under $250 a day!


Sun Lotus- Cowichan Valley, Vancouver B.C. (June 24–26 & July 22–24 & August 19–21, 2016) - $93/day

Self-described as a “magical garden of yoga,” this property sits on its own organic farm, so you can look forward to healthy, fresh and sustainable organic meals. The retreat offers yoga, spiritual dancing, and the option to learn about the benefits of plant medicine from the retreats Shamanic Leader, Joanna Pardhy-Casey.


Museflower Retreat & Spa- Chiang Rai, Thailand. (Year Round) $143/day

Offered year round, this is a holistic retreat that includes two daily hatha yoga classes, organic vegetarian meals, and a therapeutic massage. This location also boasts amenities like the Himalayan Crystal Salt pool, and access to surrounding tribal villages as well as cultural excursions like elephant trekking tours. Sign me up!


Chill’ Asana Retreat- Sayulita, Mexico. – (Year Round) $128/day

A hidden gem in the hillsides of the jungle overlooking the Pacific coastline and the Sierra Madre mountains, this retreat incorporates both yoga and martial arts. Co-leader Nathania Stambouli claims these two practices complement each other nicely, as they are both about mindfulness, awareness, and consciousness. The retreat also offers goal-setting workshops and hiking.


Finger Lakes Yogascapes- Ithaca, New York. (August 5-7, 2016) $211/day

This all women’s retreat offers the perfect balance of rustic and luxurious, with crisp linens and fresh robes in the heart of nature on the Firelight Campgrounds. The retreat offers Vinyasa & restorative yoga sessions, as well as foraging excursions and waterfall hikes! You can also look forward to a true camping experience with nightly s’more making and stargazing!


Kindalini Yoga Detox Week- Sacres, Portugal (March 6-13) $180/Day

Located at the Martinhal Sargres Beach Resort, this retreat is surrounded by the beautiful cliffs of the Alentejo coastline. The retreat partners yoga with meditation. Each session focuses on cleansing a specific organ of the body, while some focus on mental detoxification, addressing negativity and fears that are causing a mental roadblock or affecting one’s over-all outlook on life. There is a spa on location that offers a wonderful Ayurvedic healing massage, and is adjacent to beautiful beaches and the Natural Costa Vicenta Park.