No Summer Camp? No Problem. 3 Great Ways to Keep your Kids Active & Entertained this Summer! May 28 2015


It's no secret that once kids reach the age of about ten or eleven, parents start counting the days from Christmas to the joyous weeks in which their children head off to the rural countryside and camp out under the care of a bunch of other overgrown children. However, it's also no secret that these "camps" are becoming more like resorts, and with growing luxuries there are growing costs. 

If your kids are sticking around this summer, there are many fun ways you can ensure they have an amazing summer experience without having to send them away for 2 weeks or a month (and pay a hefty cost!) Not only will they have fun, but so will you! You just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves a bit. 

1. Plan a Family Camping Trip


No matter where you are, camping is almost always an option. It's not the most appealing activity for some, but there are varying levels to which you can actually take this "roughing it" experience. The benefits of doing something like this as a family, even just for a couple of days, are plentiful. Firstly, you strip away all modern technologies and distractions. No more TV, video games, etc. Sure, they may bring their cell phones.... but they'll eventually die! You'll be amazed at how much more focused and engaged they are without all of these extras to busy their minds. Major bonding potential.

Secondly, they will learn basic survival skills that are quickly being lost on our rapidly advancing technologically dependent society. Kids rarely even know that it's possible to cook without a burner, or boil lake water clean. They'll learn how to pitch a tent, and how to survive a few days without google or a nearby grocery store. Want to go the extra mile? Do a portage! Build up those wiry muscles carrying the canoe from site to site. Here are some of the most notable campgrounds across Canada and the US: 


Algonquin Park- Ontario

Bon Echo Provincial Park- Ontario

Aspen Beach Provincial Park- Alberta

Cultus Lake Provincial Park- BC

Yosemite National Park- California

Olympic National Park- Washington

Bryce Canyon National Park- Utah

2. Family Game Night- Active Style


Remember when your parents used to force you to spend an entire night of your week sitting in the living room playing an excruciating game of monopoly so you could spend time "as a family?" This is so not what I am talking about. I'm talking about being the coolest parents on the block. How? By getting a whole bunch of families together for outdoor games and sports one night a week. It will take a bit of planning, but this helps as it ensures that everyone commits and follows through.

Here's how it works. Talk to a few other families (neighbors, friends, etc.) and see if they have an interest in setting up a family game night. Draw up a rough calendar of proposed weekly activities for the entire summer. It helps to involve other families as a) they can help contribute ideas for weekly games, and b) most games are more fun with more people! Also, it makes it more fun for the kids to have their friends around (sorry, mom and dad.) Try to ensure that the teams are divided up by family. This will help you spend time as a family, stay active, and is a great way to teach your kids to work as a team (and to see your family this way too!)  Here are a few game ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 


Family Baseball

Capture the Flag

Scavenger Hunt

Clue (murder mystery game)

Family Soccer

Watergun Fight

Obstacle Course 

Classic Carnival Contests (Potato sack jumping, wheelbarrow race, egg in the spoon race) 

3. Rent (or Buy) Some Bikes!


Kids love exploring. Biking is a great way to explore new areas. There are so many biking trails available in the most beautiful settings. It's an easy way to travel and see a greater area as opposed to hiking on foot which can be slower and more draining. There are a ton of companies now which rent out bikes by the hour. (ex. Bike Share in Toronto, Citi Bike in NYC) If you're ready to make it more of a regular habit, you can get some great second hand bikes at an affordable cost, just be sure to do your research. 

These are just a few of the ways to get creative and keep your kids active and entertained this summer. If you're willing to get a bit down and dirty, you'll be surprised how much fun you can all have together! 

Enzymes- WTF are they? April 09 2015

We talk a lot about the brilliant “Enzyme” technology in our detergent, and how it helps position us as one of the most effective, eviro-friendly products available on the market. Chances are though, the average person (who doesn’t deal with cleaning products for a living) won’t have a clue WTF an enzyme is, let alone how it works.


Image Source:

Enzymes are biological catalysts that break down organic substances through biological reactions. We have enzymes in our bodies, which help speed up important processes where a breakdown of substances is required or new substances are created, such as cellular respiration, photosynthesis and protein synthesis. In addition to their ability to speed up reactions, they also provide a controlled environment as they only produce one targeted reaction at a time, so by using them we can control where and when these reactions occur.  


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So, naturally when attempting to develop a ground-breaking product that would finally obliterate that nasty funk from our work out gear, we looked at the root of the problem. Bacteria caused by bodily oils and sweat were clinging to the fibers of the clothing. Though conventional detergents would temporarily mask the problem with fragrance, that old familiar stink would quickly return during the next sweat session. So, we thought, what could we use to actually disintegrate this bacteria, removing it entirely? Enzymes!


Image Source:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/jvtupl0vwc1ajvsfgwyw.jpg

So, the genius scientists behind No Sweat’s [secret agent] sports wash set out to purify these organic enzymes and use them to break down these biological substances. After careful testing they found that when combined with cool to warm water, these enzymes would indeed dissolve bacteria caused by sweat and bodily oils. The enzymes literally digest any biological stinks and stains, leaving the clothing odourless and fresh like new. Due to the fact that enzymes are effective in cooler temperatures as well as warm, they are safe for use on delicate fabrics, so we also recommend you use No Sweat on your intimates!


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Kendra | Founder October 31 2013

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