Enzymes- WTF are they? April 09 2015

We talk a lot about the brilliant “Enzyme” technology in our detergent, and how it helps position us as one of the most effective, eviro-friendly products available on the market. Chances are though, the average person (who doesn’t deal with cleaning products for a living) won’t have a clue WTF an enzyme is, let alone how it works.


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Enzymes are biological catalysts that break down organic substances through biological reactions. We have enzymes in our bodies, which help speed up important processes where a breakdown of substances is required or new substances are created, such as cellular respiration, photosynthesis and protein synthesis. In addition to their ability to speed up reactions, they also provide a controlled environment as they only produce one targeted reaction at a time, so by using them we can control where and when these reactions occur.  


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So, naturally when attempting to develop a ground-breaking product that would finally obliterate that nasty funk from our work out gear, we looked at the root of the problem. Bacteria caused by bodily oils and sweat were clinging to the fibers of the clothing. Though conventional detergents would temporarily mask the problem with fragrance, that old familiar stink would quickly return during the next sweat session. So, we thought, what could we use to actually disintegrate this bacteria, removing it entirely? Enzymes!


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So, the genius scientists behind No Sweat’s [secret agent] sports wash set out to purify these organic enzymes and use them to break down these biological substances. After careful testing they found that when combined with cool to warm water, these enzymes would indeed dissolve bacteria caused by sweat and bodily oils. The enzymes literally digest any biological stinks and stains, leaving the clothing odourless and fresh like new. Due to the fact that enzymes are effective in cooler temperatures as well as warm, they are safe for use on delicate fabrics, so we also recommend you use No Sweat on your intimates!


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Finding Your Tribe- Why Community Matters to Long Term Health, Weight Loss and Motivation June 29 2014


Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to work out without your i-pod, or a friend? Fitness is all about community and connection- whether you feel comfortable at the gym, connect well with your yoga teacher, or enjoy the smoothie bar with your new Pilates buddies after class, there’s no question working out in the right environment, with the right people makes a difference to your performance level.


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I personally have gone to the same hot yoga class, at two different studios with two different teachers and had completely different experiences. Luckily, the negative one came second! It made me realize that fitness and motivation are completely tied to your mental and emotional state of being.  Don’t discount that little i-pod that never leaves your pocket either. I’ve noticed that when I forget my music, I find the same workout doubly as hard to complete, I’ll often even give up early! Music has been proven to increase endurance during exercise. It affects your overall mood- it can pump you up, or chill you out. Music helps you escape to that happy place where you can find your release and get the most out of your “sweat therapy,” as we like to call it.


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 When trying to find a fitness regimen that suits you, your comfort level and feeling of connection to the environment, activity, or teacher should be the first indicator as to whether this is something you should really pursue. Alternatively, if you must do an exercise that you don’t really enjoy, find a friend who motivates you and hit the gym with him/her. You’ll be surprised how much further you’ll push yourself with a little friendly competition. 


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