Give the Gift of Health this Valentine’s Day! 5 Awesome Fitness Related Gift Ideas February 04 2016


Whether you and your partner have been talking about “getting fit” for a while, or your single bestie needs a little nudge out of her rut, what better way to show your love than with the gift of health and fitness for Valentine’s day?! (Maybe you can even get one for yourself, while you’re at it ;)). Here are a few awesome ideas to get your loved one motivated to make his or her health a priority, and have some fun in the process.


Class Pass

The class pass is a great way to access a large network of fitness studios, and try a variety of types of exercises. The class pass consists of classes like yoga, pilates, lagree, spinning, barre, kettle-bell training, and many other types of new-age exercise classes. This gift is great for an adventurous friend or someone who likes to mix it up and is thus hesitant to commit to one particular package. Purchase them their first month, and they’ll no doubt be hooked after that!


30 Day Yoga Challenge

Most studios will periodically host a 30 day challenge during which customers are challenged to practice for 30 consecutive days. Within these 30 days, students are challenged to try different poses each day, building in difficulty as they progress. This is an awesome gift for any yoga loving friend, but the challenge is appropriate for Yogi’s of all levels, beginners too!


Yoga or Meditation Retreat

Albeit a generous gift, this one is probably most appropriate for your romantic partner. (Or a really lucky best friend or parent!) What better way to unwind and connect with yourselves and each other than a relaxing, rejuvenating yoga retreat in a tropical paradise? These retreats are usually held in exotic and beautiful locations like Mexico and Costa-Rica.


Salsa Lessons

Looking for a fun way to spice things up, and also get some exercise? Try salsa dancing! Grab a package for yourself and your partner, and try out this exotic, sensual style of dancing. You’ll work up a sweat, and build trust and coordination. Learning how to move together in harmony will no doubt transfer well to other areas of your relationship, too. ;)


Enter them in a Mini-Marathon.

This gift works well for your bestie, your partner, or even Mom and Dad! A mini-marathon is a fantastic way to work toward an attainable goal and get yourself in excellent shape through training. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an ultra-athlete to attempt a mini-marathon. This can be an intimidating endeavor, so entering yourself along with the recipient is a nice approach to this gift. Once you’ve finished, you’ll both gain a real sense of accomplishment, and will be in excellent physical shape! Hopefully, after feeling the positive effects of all that training, you’ll continue implementing these fitness habits in your daily lives thereafter.

We hope this gives you a few inspirational ideas for gifts this Valentine's day, why not offer something besides chocolate this year?